Happy Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wellness Wednesday, friends!!!!


As we are all aware, putting good quality, whole foods into our body will provide us with a enormous amount of benefits. We talk about this all the time, right? Well, aside from eating healthy and exercising on the regular, your mental wellness is also a very big component to your overall wellness. So, let’s talk mental health, shall we?


Before I go any further, I want to explain that the word SORELLA  means “sister” in Italian (yep, we are Italian) and altho my “sister” and I started this business, the bigger picture is actually that all of us women are sisters.  We are a sisterhood and I honestly wish that more women felt that way. Can you imagine how kick ass our vibe would be if all of us bitches had each others back?!?!


One third of canadians have some form of mental health concerns and unfortunately for us with vagina’s, we are at a higher risk for anxiety and depression than men. So, wtf???? Well, although it is 2018, there’s still so much stigma around the idea that women are the childbearing, house cleaning, grocery getting, food prepping, taxi driving, laundry doing, human being that is still expected to be classy and never exhausted.  Also, in 2018 the idea is more becoming that woman work outside the home… AND juggle all of the above shit. Howwwwwww???????


You can’t… without making sure that you are taking care of you, first! I realize that this is so much easier said than done.  Trust me, I struggle with it on the daily, too. I have had to take a step back and admit that I can’t do it all. It took me a very long time to come to terms with that but I was either going to go batshit crazy OR I had to ask for help.  I asked for help. I was absolutely terrified when I did it but ya know what, I still did it. You can, too, and I pinky promise that it does not matter where I am or what I am doing, if you reach out to me because your mental health isn’t where you would like it to be, there is nothing that would stop me from jumping through hoops to help you in any way possible.  (btw, I never break a pinky promise. Ask my kids.)


Its ok to reach out for help.  It makes you stronger; and being that strength for another sister is more empowering than you can imagine.  Please friends, take a minute and be kind to others and most importantly, be kind to yourself! Reach out if you need to, do what you need to do and remember that you always kick ass, sometimes you just need a bit of encouragement to make it happen!


Be healthy, be happy Sisters!


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