Aca-pitches anyone…. !?!?

Aca-pitches anyone…. !?!?

So, I was laying in bed the other night watching Pitch Perfect for the billionth time.  I lose track of the movie and start throwing out every aca-pun I could think of when all of a sudden I have an epiphany. This weeks blog is about PORTION CONTROL…. I know, fucked up, right???? Hear me out!

When talking portion control, one cup is approximately the size of a fist or a baseball.  Are you following? The pitcher throws baseballs at a baseball game. Pitches become aca-pitches and BAMO…. Light bulb goes off and  my blog is done! Welcome to the wonderful wild world of my brain!!!!!

Back to the point! The most important thing when it comes to weight loss is the choice of food that you put into your body.  The second most important thing is portion control. Making yourself aware of portion sizes will be crucial to your success.  

One cup (250ml) is about the size of a fist or a baseball.  Some sample foods include cereal, salads and fresh fruit. Keep in mind that these measurements are approximate and if you are using a fist as reference, it should be your own.  My friends husband is 6’4 and 340lbs. She called and asked if she can use his fist as a reference one day. “Aca-scuse me… his fist will crush you and your goals.”

½ cup(125ml) is about the size of half a baseball or a cupped hand.  Some examples of foods for this measurement are rice/potatoes, cooked veggies and pasta. When I was a kid, my brother always cupped his hand and smacked me in the ear. It hurts BUT I learned very quickly how to cup my hand and smack him back when he least expected it. This is probably my most accurately self-measured portion. Thanks bro!

3oz (85g) is about the palm of your hand or a deck of card.  My grandmother and mother are master Euchre players, pitches, and I was basically born with a “true to size” deck of cards tattooed on my ass.   So this measurement is also on point for me! Examples of this this are poultry, beef, pork and fish.

1 Tablespoon(15 ml)  is about the size of your thumb or half a golf ball.  Thank effing gawd I have a thumb because I tried to smash a golf ball one time and well… you don’t smash golf balls. The End. Some samples of food for this category may be peanut butter, sour cream or cream cheese.

1 Teaspoon(5 ml) is about the size of the tip of your thumb or a postage stamp.  Not your whole thumb this time, “just the tip”. (bahahhahhahahha) Some examples are butter/margarine, mayo or oil.  

Okey Dokey, there you go.  I have given you a few examples of portion sizes and I will reiterate the fact that after food choice, portion control is your key to success.  

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Until next time, pitches, Be Healthy Be Happy.

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