Congratulations on taking the first steps to transforming your health!

Sorella Wellness, is all about you. While your situation may be similar to others, your uniqueness deserves a tailor-made coaching plan. We will help you build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.

By choosing Sorella Wellness as your Health Coach, you are headed in the right direction for success. We will assist you in achieving a higher level of results, getting more out of your life and regaining control over your health.

Be healthy, be happy.

Danielle Lewis

FIS, HWL, Womans Wellness Coach


September BOOM Release

Here is the information for September classes. Please make note…..Classes start September 10th and run every Monday and Wednesday through October 3rd. You must pre register for what date(s) you would like. Payment is due August 27th. There is no obligation to purchase the “sport hoop” as the DIY versions will be available to use …


  August is generally a crazy busy month! The end of summer is approaching and we are trying to soak in every last minute of vacation. This is when I tend to focus on new goals, that way when September hits and we all get back into a routine I can easily navigate my plan! …


BOOM is cardio and strength class with simulated drumming. We perform a series of choreographed movements including squats, lunges, twists, forward bends and stretches, all the while drumming along to a wicked playlist! Designed for all fitness levels, Boom provides the perfect setting to let loose and become energized while rockin’ out! The workout is …


Sorella Wellness began its own health and fitness journey when Danielle craved more from life and started a weightloss journey that has resulted in a loss of 126lb. Over the years Danielle discovered what works and what doesn’t. In order to live a healthy, happy life it’s all about balancing physical, emotional and mental health. Sorella Wellness provides a variety of services in the comfort of your own environment. From grocery store visits, meal plans and pantry overhauls, to workouts, fitness tips and peer support, Danielle will guarantee you achieve your goals while having fun.




Danielle boosts women’s confidence from behind the lens. She is a talented photographer, specializing in boudoir. Why? She loves empowering others to love themselves. Danielle battled the scales for most of her life and thrives at helping clients conquer weight challenges.  Through meal planning, walking, biking and fitness classes she has shed more than 120 pounds in less than two years.  Danielle is a certified canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist and Healthy Eating Weight Loss Coach.

“I want to inspire and empower others to be healthy.”